Salma Hayek In Frida

Salma Hayek has always been known as a sexy Latina actress with a curvaceous body and super sexy accent. Her excellent acting abilities weren’t really given appropriate attention until she did “Frida.” “Frida” is based on the true story of Mexican artist/painter Frida Kahlo and her relationship with communist artist/muralist: Diego Rivera.

Salma Hayek really taps into Frida’s traumas and translates it all through some of the greatest acting, Salma Hayek has ever done. You live Frida’s life vicariously through Salma Hayek’s incredible adaptation of the real Frida Kahlo. You can taste the rum that “Frida” drowns in, you can feel the unbearable pain on her back as well as the pain of her shattered heart. You can smell the paint in her finger tips and are haunted by her nightmares that inspires some of the greatest art of our time.

Salma Hayek continues to be an amazing actress, but I doubt she’ll ever work in anything as meaningful as “Frida.” Salma Hayek is responsible for making many aware of the genius that Frida Kahlo was. If you haven’t seen “Frida,” it’s an incredible gem played by Salma Hayek and it shouldn’t go unseen by no one!