Celebs Attending The US Open Tennis Tournament In New York City

Many celebs are huge fans of the US Open Tennis Tournament on September 5, 2012. Among the celebrities that attended the tennis event were Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Thomas, Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, Jenna Bush, Barbara Bush and Sean Connery. On this particular day it was completely a star studded event. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves watching the tennis matches going on.

One Of The Baldwin Brothers Struck A Photographer

Alec Baldwin was gleefully walking out of the NY’s Justice Building when a Photographer for NY Daily News started taking photographs of Mr. Alec Baldwin and his prospective spouse- Ms. Hilaria Thomas. They went to NY’s Justice Building to get a marriage license.

It appears that Alec Baldwin concluded that his elated and personal instant with his beloved future wife was being jaded by a snoopy photo taker. Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III started shouting at the photographer and then decided to attack the Photographer for NY Daily News. Without a doubt, Alexander Rae “Alec” Baldwin III has a short fuse. Media should remain far away from Mr. Alec Baldwin and wife to be Ms. Hilaria Thomas.